Content Tip 222: The peculiar thing about digital marketing is that unless you try it, you won’t know what your business is missing It can open unexpected sou

Content Tip 217: The beauty of Digital Marketing is its highly evolved STP capabilities You can pin-point a client or prospect, at the right time, and send out

Content Tip 216: Most marketing managers acknowledge the power of Digital and are allocating higher budgets for digital marketing as compared to traditional med

Content Tip 146: “Digital Marketing” is not something you can master in a two-day “intensive” workshop It is an approach perfect over time, through tria

#Content Tip 138: Hiring a content marketing agency Seek samples, testimonials, and credentials The agency needs to have the right blend of technical and edit

Content Tip 91: Creating great content is only the start You need to publish them across popular channels to enhance visibility and discoverability 84% of marke

Content Tip 26: Some of the smarter content types are: interviews with key influencers, testimonials from satisfied customers, blogs contributed by SMEs, expert

Content Tip 23: Interview your clients and create podcasts or video blogs Prepare questions and rehearse if you must Use simple microphones and smartphone camer

When one thinks of writing and reading, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is a stack of novels in the display window of a bookstore But writing isn’t