#Content Tip 235: Easy-to-read content is not easy to create! Start by creating a mind-map to outline your ideas This allows you to distribute your words evenly

#Content Tip 138: Hiring a content marketing agency Seek samples, testimonials, and credentials The agency needs to have the right blend of technical and edit

Content Tip 118: When was the last time you sent out a postcard to a client A simple, old-fashioned, hand written, postcard If you want to stand apart, try it Y

Content Tip 88: It is a good idea to use paid advertising platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, etc But then, how much hay can you make while the sun shine

Content Tip 86: Web content writing and web designing should go parallelly A content writer should always have visibility about the final wireframe and the ap

Content Tip 85: When planning your content calendar, use the 80:20 rule This means 80% of your messages can be syndicated, informational, and client-focused, wh

Content Tip 83: Don’t jump the app bandwagon Carefully analyse the needs of your audience Most objectives can be met with a responsive web design alone Also,

Content Tip 61: When planning your content strategy, always go for quality over quantity Even if you post 1 blog a week, do it well If you can say something in

Content Tip 60: While it is great to maximize backlinks to your website, the quality of backlinks matter more than the quantity Relevance, Recency, and Repute o

Content Tip 59: Remember to optimize your web content and your hyperlinks with keywords Use them in meaningful headlines and sub-headlines that help your reader

Content Tip 56: Your prospects are looking for solutions, not superstars On your website, talk about yourself, but don’t try too hard Present enough compellin

Content Tip 55: Adopt the relevant tone for your given target audience Educate them but don’t spoon-feed Leave them asking for more Clearly establish your exp