Contrary to popular belief, writing is not everybody’s cup of tea Beginners are expected to fumble a little when venturing into the vast domain of content wri

Content Tip 248: Products descriptions should be simple, informative, and most importantly, honest Overselling your product with superfluous adjectives is a pr

Content Tip 247: When spellchecking and proofreading your content, ensure you maintain consistency This especially holds true for words that have different spe

Content Tip 228: Product reviews, DIY videos, troubleshooting steps, and upgrades and updates are all content ideas that help you improve engagement, and cross

Content Tip 170: SEO-friendly copy writing gives your website a chance to be seen and heard Be mindful about keywords or phrases, but don’t go overboard 365

Content Tip 167: Ask yourself, “what do I want to achieve with content marketing” Attract new customers Up-sell Cross-sell Deeper engagement Simplify 365 #

Content Tip 163: Search engines despise duplicate content – be it across websites or within a site Ensure zero plagiarism If required, use canonical tags to

Content Tip 161: On LinkedIn, participate in discussions, debates, polls, and forums Offer honest advice and ask questions Nothing builds more credibility and

Content Tip 154: Content for e-commerce websites need a high level of QC for adherence to format and syntax Using self-validating spreadsheets for content crea

Content Tip 147: When was the last time you logged on to Linkedin or Facebook to “buy something” These are only brand building and publishing platforms Don

Content Tip 78: If you are new to SEO, you must certainly read the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide offered by Google It won’t tell you any secrets t

Content Tip 77: Along with creating high-quality, keyword-optimized content, an SEO specialist needs to be mindful about what’s outdated, what’s important