Content Tip 321: Quizzes and questionnaires encourage learners to go beyond reading and memorizing, to analyse and apply the knowledge gained This makes them a

Content Tip 248: Products descriptions should be simple, informative, and most importantly, honest Overselling your product with superfluous adjectives is a pr

Content Tip 247: When spellchecking and proofreading your content, ensure you maintain consistency This especially holds true for words that have different spe

Content Tip 244: Have a clear idea of your client’s expectations before you begin writing the content A detailed discussion beforehand is always better than

Content Tip 228: Product reviews, DIY videos, troubleshooting steps, and upgrades and updates are all content ideas that help you improve engagement, and cross

Content Tip 225: Explore blogging as a marketing strategy Engage professional bloggers, offer them free trials, and encourage them to create high-quality conte

Content Tip 170: SEO-friendly copy writing gives your website a chance to be seen and heard Be mindful about keywords or phrases, but don’t go overboard 365

Content Tip 167: Ask yourself, “what do I want to achieve with content marketing” Attract new customers Up-sell Cross-sell Deeper engagement Simplify 365 #

Content Tip 159: Yes, visual content is great, and works wonders, but don’t have a video or an image just for the sake of having it Make sure it is authentic

Content Tip 157: A social media content strategy needs to be built on solid data-driven insights Having your own agenda is great, but start by listening to wha

Content Tip 147: When was the last time you logged on to Linkedin or Facebook to “buy something” These are only brand building and publishing platforms Don

Content Tip 78: If you are new to SEO, you must certainly read the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide offered by Google It won’t tell you any secrets t