While writing for a company or website, it is expected that the writer’s words are in sync, free-flowing and most importantly, error free While you might have

Content Tip 365: If you want success in your marketing, get online and provide the type of information your customers are looking for Solve problems, offer solu

Content Tip 364: A sure-shot way to achieve success with content marketing is demonstrating how you've helped others in their shoes Write case studies, and seek

Content Tip 363: Talk to your audience Share your success stories and achievements You never know who might be searching for the specific assistance/ products/

Content Tip 362: Get your product (sales and marketing) experts to share success and failure stories Create blogs, articles and podcasts from these stories Use

Content Tip 361: Craft personalised replies to customer queries and feedback rather than relying on automated responses This eliminates the risk of making state

Content Tip 360: Do not fall into the trap of trying to create content for the sole purpose of going viral Focus instead on content that adds value and is helpf

Content Tip 359: A content piece goes through several phases from the ideating and creating to the designing and publishing stages It is important to maintain o

Content Tip 358: An important aspect of a content writer’s role is the ability to do research, sift past irrelevant and outdated information and combine ideas

Content Tip 357: Delve into the nuances of your target persona’s character, challenges he/she faces and preferences Placing him/her in imaginary scenarios and

Content Tip 356: It is important to review the feedback your content marketing efforts receive and use it to better your strategy Regularly go through the comme

Content Tip 355: Take the time to craft the perfect subject line for your emailers Remember that overly promotional terms like ‘sale’, ‘discount’ etc mi