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5 Biggest Pet Peeves of Content Writer 

Unless you’re someone who has mastered inner peace, you are sure to have your pet peeves. You know, those little things that get under your skin and make your eyes twitch. And no group of people have more pet peeves than writers.

Here are a few of the pet peeves that most content writers have in common:


A t times, People incoherently capitalize random Words. There seems to be no Logic or Reason for this Capitalization, beyond that Nouns are the Words most often capitalized. (sic)

The thing is, in English (as opposed to German), there are only certain instances where you need to capitalize words. For example, if they’re at the beginning of the sentence, or they’re proper nouns.

Take some time to learn the rules before you break them. And until you do, when in doubt, don’t capitalise!

Incorrect/ Misused Punctuation


Punctuation seems to be hard for many. Knowing where to put those colons, semi-colons, dashes, ellipses and (of course) commas, may not be a piece of cake for everyone. However, to produce good content, it is a necessary skill to master.

Consider punctuation like salt in food. If it’s too much, the food will taste horrible. If it’s too little, it will be missed. Mix it up with something else, and the result could very well be disastrous.

Too Much/ Too Little Content


You see, giant paragraphs may be quite intimidating for the modern reader, who usually does not have the time or the inclination, to read them. However, if the paragraphs are too short, it will seem like there isn’t much to gain from reading the content.

Sentence length is important here. If you can maintain a balance between your short and long sentences, you can get it right.



Inconsistency in content is one thing that annoys a content writer like crazy. Imagine the Oxford comma is used in one place, but not in another. Or the percentage sign is used in this sentence, but it has been written down as a word in the next paragraph. Hell breaks loose!

Also, to someone who is reading your content, this shows a lack of attention to detail. So, if you’re unsure about what to use and where, consult someone and get help.

Passive Voice


Writing in passive voice usually makes a sentence sound vague and well… passive. It’s always better to avoid using it, unless you don’t actually know who the subject/doer is. Short, crisp sentences with active verbs work best for all.

So, there you have it! Avoid these common mistakes and earn the everlasting gratitude of your writer friends.

If you are passionate about learning all the nitty-gritties of the English language, and making a fabulous career out of it, give us a visit.

Khamir Purohit
Khamir is a B.E (Instrumentation) and MBA (Marketing) from Mumbai University. He began his career as a banker, but soon started out to setup LexiConn. He enjoys reading, running, and everything marketing.

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