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Your business makes several demands on your time and 'business content' rarely makes it to the top of the to-do list. Yet you manage to put things together. And now you have AI too.

Still, staying on top of content demands while balancing speed, quality, consistency, and relevance is not easy. This is where a content audit helps.

A content audit is a solid combination of man and machine that attempts to map your efforts, examine coherence of your messaging, identify areas for improvement and areas that need immediate attention.

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Content Auditing Framework for SMBs

This step involves checking if essential marketing materials like the company website, corporate brochure, explainer videos, PPTS, samples, and other core assets are in place.

The audit evaluates the Tone of Voice (ToV) (for the desired audience), Grammar (to enhance professionalism), language (for easy comprehension), level of Information, and Calls to Action.

This step focuses on assessing whether the sales teams have the necessary content to support their efforts in the field or during a client interaction.

This could include preparing case studies, presentation slides (PPTs), frequently asked questions (FAQs), objection handling guides, sales scripts, email drafts, testimonials deck, product comparisons, product reviews, etc., that can immediately lead to conversions.

Here, you're evaluating whether there's a well-defined and formal process for generating new content. Do the sales and marketing teams talk to each other?

How do content ideas and requirements flow from the sales or business development team to the content/ marketing team and vice versa. Are the on-field insights being fed back to the content developers? Or are the teams working in silos?

SMBs are generally led by founders or senior managers who bring deep insights, views, perspectives, and predictions about the business. Building content around their knowledge brings an unmatched USP.

This step checks if the management team is able to actively contribute towards developing thought leadership content to position the organization as an authority.

Examining the content for inclusivity, representation, and cultural sensitivity, ensuring diverse perspectives are appropriately represented and highlighting areas where improvements can be made.

Further to introduce style guides to ensure that the content covers diverse perspectives, is inclusive, addresses cultural sensitivities and ensures representation of underrepresented groups.
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Looking for a Content Auditing Agency?

Talk to LexiConn. We can put your content assets to the test. From website content to email drafts and templates, we can help make the content universe smaller.

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Thorough, Unbiased, and Systematic Audits

At LexiConn, trust forms the cornerstone of our partnerships. Top insurance companies and leading banks in India have placed their confidence in us to conduct comprehensive content audits.

For SMBs, our content audits usher a cascade of advantages that can transform sales operations, trigger cost savings, reduce iterations and speed-up go-to-market time and accelerate your success.

With LexiConn as your partner, you can unlock potential savings across the board. Start with a content audit and build a solid content strategy for long-term success.

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