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Unleash the power of blogs and attract traffic that can turn into paying customers.
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Why Blogging for Business

If you know digital, you know that ‘blog traffic’ is just a vanity metric. The primary goal of your blog writing activity should be to acquire customers!

Search Engines

Search Engines

Blogs help your prospects find your website on Google, just when they are looking to buy.


Word of Mouth

Useful and unique blog content gets shared on social media and among like-minded people.


Subtle Advertising

Blogs can be used to align your company and its products to your prospect’s requirements.



Authoritative content educates internal readers, and your industry, while winning backlinks.


How we create blogs that add massive value to your readers

Here are a bunch of simple and highly-effective insights that our blog writing team has perfected over the years.


Subject Matter Expert

Don’t start writing a blog without a seasoned SME by your side. Real content comes from real insights.


Be Reference-Worthy

Offer unique content with statistics, case studies, and graphics so that more and more people link back to you.


Keep it Simple

Your readers should feel like they are talking to a friend. Be short, use bullets, add visuals and avoid jargons.


Click-Worthy Headlines

Write headlines that are interesting, accurate, and meaningful. Readers click on blogs that are clear about their agenda.


Structure Your Writing

You’re writing a business blog ; being predictable is great. Establish the scope with the Need, Solution, and Proof flow.


Editorial Excellence

Writing blogs for business starts with an outline, and requires fact-checking and language reviews.


Honestly, Blogging Might Not Be For You

There are just too many myths about blogging. Here are some of the popular ones that we try to bust.


Blogs are for All

If you do not have the resources to commit to a blogging schedule, opt for evergreen content such as guides.

Blog Regularly

Blog Regularly

Nah. Blog when you know you can add massive value. Quality always triumphs over volume.


Trust Your Gut

Please don’t. Use some of the awesome SEO tools to identify popular topics, top keywords, and resources.


Good Content Wins

You wish! Getting even a great piece of content noticed can be difficult. It requires conscious efforts.


Listicles Get Traffic

There is no such magic pill. In fact, research even suggests that listicles can mess up your ability to concentrate.


Write Longer Posts

Write more only if you need to. Please don’t make it a goal. Instead, focus on quality, relevance, and depth.

Useful B2B Business Blogging Stats

59% of B2B marketers consider blogs as the most valuable content channel. Here is what they say:

Blogs give visibility
Blogs start conversations
Blogs generate leads
Blogs aid sales

Blog Writing Strategy for Searcher Intent

The most effective way to optimize (on-page SEO) a blog or a web page for a given searcher intent is to write about topics that people are actually searching for!


Keyword Density is Dead

Google no longer scans your blog (or your web page) for the exact keywords. Instead, it considers the intent and contextual meaning (and we love Google for this).


Important Words

Place the most important words within the page URL, Title, Headline, and the page content. Feel free to use synonyms.

Content Blogs

Stay updated and informed about the latest in content marketing with our business blog, covering insights, tips, and emerging trends.

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