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Crisp. Concise. Compelling.

Great copy is the lifeblood for any marketing campaign – offline or online. Extraordinary copywriters can weave words into memorable slogans, paint powerful pictures and conjure attention-grabbing adverts – the stuff that brands are made of!

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Email Copywriting

“Customized and automated emails” is perhaps the best thing that has happened to marketing since David Ogilvy.

Email is an inexpensive and convenient way to sort, target, customize and send out regular communications to your clients and prospects. Emails allow you to convert Desire into Action through a single click. However, the true test of an email campaign is the number of conversions.

That is why professional email copywriting services mean a lot more than high-school letter writing assignments. Apart from tactful copywriting, email content writing marries the knowledge of web technology + product insights + human psychology. Further, for your email message to stand out, it needs something special – like brevity, empathy, and resourcefulness.

When you engage LexiConn for your emailer copywriting requirements, you choose to work with a team of copywriters that is led by data-driven insights and knows all the email copywriting best practices to break the clutter and get you higher open rates. Psst: We can also HTML code your responsive emailers!

If you are looking to increase ROI on email campaigns to increase customer engagement, you know what to do, just email us.

Landing Page Copy

Every successful idea was once a landing page!

That’s right. Every business requires high-performing landing pages that convert visitors into paying customers (or leads, or subscribers).

That is why copywriting for landing pages is an art as well as a science. A successful landing page marries principles of user-friendly graphic designing, design thinking, user behavior and user psychology to attract, nudge and push a visitor towards the intended action.

Successful landing pages are like magnets. They carry amazing, action-oriented landing page copy that attracts users by getting them interested, answering questions, offering proof of performance, and then influencing a decision. Easy!

We say that copywriting for landing pages is also a science because we have SERP ranks to achieve. Landing pages with the right blend of keywords and answers for user intent lead to increased traffic and higher conversion rates.

If you are planning to create high-performing websites, and are looking for quality landing page copywriting services, we are all ears!
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Social media copywriting

Social Media Copywriting

Perhaps the easiest part about social media marketing is “getting started”. Anyone who has been there, knows that the biggest challenge with social media pages is to keep them buzzing with timely and relevant posts.


With social media marketing, God is in execution. A content marketing plan, a digital marketing strategy, or a content distribution mandate – none of these can get off the ground without timely, meaningful, and effective social media copywriting (at scale).


A good social media copywriter understands user personas, buyer motivations, and browsing behaviors for each social media platform. She then custom-creates social media posts and captions for the unique content formats and audiences that the platform caters to.


We work closely with marketing managers and brand custodians to offer social media copywriting services for various digital marketing mandates. Tag us on your favourite social media platform or write to us to see us in action.

UX Copywriting

“The customer is not a moron. She’s your wife” said advertising guru David Ogilvy. Even after almost half a century, some UX copywriters still don’t get it!

We live in the age of visual communication and out here, great user-experience (UX) copywriting is worth gold. Writing simple, consistent, and intuitive UX copy is not just a necessity, it is also an honest copywriter’s existential responsibility.

Whether you are building an e-commerce store, or an ed-tech platform with multiple navigation screens and sequences, we know that your users are busy. Yes, they’re on the go and they’re multi-tasking, but too have conversion goals to meet.

A quirky notification here, a cheeky one-liner there, a sarcastic error message on one hand and a bit of warmth and empathy on the other. There are no dull moments for a UX copywriter.

Great UX copy is not award-winning, it is not even memorable, it is effortless, it is smooth, it is sublime.

If you are looking for great UX copywriting help for your next big idea, talk to us.
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corporate communication

Corporate Communications

Here is the classical stuff. The age-old, proven communication forms and formats that are widely understood, readily accepted and often a part of standard operating procedures.


Corporate communications include internal communications like emails, memos, greetings, awards, and articles on the intranet, and external ones like welcome letters, service letters, periodic newsletters, gift hampers, and the like.


For a copywriter creating corporate communications, the task is multi-fold. Her writing is expected to engage with specific audiences (that are not even anticipating that piece of communication), and to drive them towards a specific, and time bound action – without sounding rude, pushy, or dare we say, salsey!


Well written corp comms lends authority, reduces ambiguity, builds trust and encourages readers to take the next step. The language is intuitive, driven by a brand guideline, and has strict dos and don’ts.


Let us help you revisit, revise and update outdated forms, formats, and drafts. Let’s can add some empathy, cut the clutter and standardize stuff for you.

SMS Content

Since its humble beginnings almost three decades ago, SMSs have evolved into a quick, convenient, and secure channel for digital communication.


Today, SMS marketing offers an inexpensive method for businesses to engage with clients, and prospects. From promotional campaigns to service messages, and from alerts to notifications and OTPs, SMS-based transactions are everywhere.


Just like with all other channels for marketing, having a good copywriter for SMS content writing is indispensable. In fact, the SMS campaign content used for marketing is perhaps the key differentiating factor between conversion and spam.


We recommend brands to create customized SMS content based on various triggers, target audience persona, and user intent. Also, simplify the SMS copy and focus on the CTA. This way, not only will they appreciate what is being offered but also reach their goals faster!


LexiConn can help you create SMS content for operational, promotional or system-triggered messages. Just drop us a message and we’ll reach out.

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chatbot scripts

Chatbot Scripts

Chatbots are the future of customer service, and they’re already taking over. In fact, more and more virtual assistants and AI-powered chatbots are troubleshooting tech, counseling students, imparting skills, sharing fashion and travel tips, evaluating symptoms, and offering remedies.


If you are planning to deploy a chatbot on your website or you need a chatbot script for your e-learning app, we understand the varied (and evolving) use cases.


Good quality chatbot writing is a lot more than a bunch of flowery lines written by a team of copywriters. Chatbot scripts should be written to make a bot sound more human and less machine. For starters, writing a script for a virtual being requires the copywriter to get into the personality of the chatbot.


What makes the chatbot script human is the deliberate inclusion of pauses and fillers in the script. In fact, the realness of the bot’s replies is what gets users comfortable and drives them towards the intended action.


Click here to discuss your chatbot script requirements (with a human) 😃

WhatsApp Content

Instant Messaging (IM) platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the new darlings of digital marketers across the globe. These apps allow businesses to offer engaging WhatsApp content that is rich, contextual, encrypted, customized and resourceful.


From e-commerce delivery updates and checkbook requests to flight tickets, hotel vouchers, verification codes, and NPS surveys, WhatsApp content marketing already has many use cases and we’re just getting started.


Businesses are using AI-powered WhatApp chatbots and business-relevant WhatsApp content to offer seamless and more effective customer engagement across segments.


With the introduction of WhatsApp Business and its WhatsApp Catalogs for small businesses, the need for WhatsApp content will only increase.


If you are considering WhatsApp marketing as a part of your messaging strategy and are looking for a content partner, you need not look further. Just drop us a line and we will get this going.

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Looking for Copywriting Services?

A copywriter often researches tens of documents, sends out questionnaires, attends lengthy briefing calls to understand the client’s business. Even if all she is writing is a 50-word advertising copy!


Smart copywriting can work wonders. It can inform, engage, aid recall and induce a sale. Listless copy can also be equally powerful. It can erode brand value, hurt reputation and drive customers away.


Punch lines and headlines, catchy one-liners and short descriptions, advertising copywriting is an intriguing combination of long and short!