No doubt, audiences are becoming more perceptive when it comes to their favourite fashion and lifestyle brands. The concept of sustainable design is no longer optional, it is a requirement.


Consumers expect a real-time shopping experience tailored to their needs. Consumers want instant responses when they have questions.


As buyers, they’re looking for inspiration, entertainment, and information during the shopping process.


Why Fashion and Lifestyle Brands Should Use Influencer Marketing

1. Know what Audiences want

You can find out what your target audience wants through influencer marketing, and sell your products as well. 


You can get a feel for what the audience thinks about your brand by analyzing the performance of your campaigns or reading the comments you receive on your posts.


2. Discover Undiscovered Audiences for brands

Most brands already know the audience they want to target with their influencer campaigns. However, influencers will expose your brand to an untapped audience base.


3. Influencers trigger Needs

Fashion and lifestyle influencers are known for curating amazing content, which leads to a higher level of engagement and, leads to more sales. 


4. Give your Brand a more Human feel

Making your brand recognizable on social media requires connecting with the audience. You can develop a relationship with your target audience by working with influencers. 


You can connect with the users in any way you wish, from hosting live sessions to simply being able to conduct polls and quizzes.


5. Influencers can help you Beat your competitors

Using influencers’ content strategies, you can gain the upper hand over your competitors. Influencers’ content is a good way to highlight your brand’s uniqueness.


Influencer marketing can be beneficial to the Fashion and Lifestyle industries. 


Unfortunately, most campaigns fall short as a result of poor influencer selection.


What are the different Influencer categories?

Following the follower count, Influencers can be classified as follows: 


Super-Influencers: Over 500k followers. 

They have a diverse following and extensive reach.


Big Influencers: 100k to 500k followers. 

These influencers are excellent for reaching a wide audience.


Small Influencers: 10k to 100k followers. 

Most of them serve a specific niche and have a targeted audience.


Micro-Influencers: 1k to 10k followers. 

Although they may have fewer followers, these influencers have higher levels of engagement with their audiences due to their relationships with them. But, reach may be limited.


Let’s find out how we at LexiConn, integrate Influencer Marketing into Fashion and Lifestyle Brands.

1. Influencer Marketing Campaign Goals

Influencer marketing campaign goals and content strategies determine the campaign’s success.


Brands working with Fashion and Lifestyle influencers must know what they are hoping to achieve through their influencer marketing campaign. With a set goal in sight, we plan your influencer marketing campaign


2. Social Media Platforms to run the Campaign

We consciously select the social media platforms for launching your campaigns. 


We choose influencers depending on what social media platforms your campaign is on. Your choice of content and platform will also influence the influencers you choose.


3. Target Audience Group for the Campaign

Identifying your audience prior to creating a campaign is vital to the success of your campaign. 


As soon as you and we decide on the platform, our team checks if your target group uses it.


Your target audience’s age, location, and interest are all considered when designing your campaign. 


4. Brand campaign Content

Social media campaigns are only as effective as their content. 


It is not just a visual presence on social media that attracts an audience but also the content you upload. This is why we help you properly frame your content for the campaign. 


A campaign’s content will greatly influence influencer selection. No matter what type of videos, images, or live sessions you want, we choose the best for your brand.


5. Relevant Fashion and Lifestyle Influencers

Our influencer marketing plans are dependent on who we choose as our influencers. 


Instagram is flooded with fashion and lifestyle influencers, and choosing one can be challenging!


The influencers we choose at LexiConn are carefully scrutinized because not every influencer is suited for every campaign.


The influencers are expected to curate interesting content for their audiences. Further, they should be consistent on whichever platform they are.


Well, before we pick influencers, we check out the kind of responses and reactions they get to their posts.


We can then decide whether their content would fit your campaign based on their audience’s opinion.


How can Fashion and Lifestyle brands maximize Influencer Marketing? 

1. Don’t get left behind

Staying up-to-date about current and new trends is the key to establishing influencer relationships!


It is constantly changing how people use social media. 


For influencer marketing to be effective, your brand must stay on top of trends in content creation, make smart social media placements, and have a clear message that relates to your target audience.


2. Use User-Generated Content to Tell your Story

UGC, or user-generated content, is content created independently by users.


You must include UGC-type content in your creative campaigns to be effective in brand-influencer collaborations. 


People are more likely to follow influencers for their honest reviews/feedback than for their sales pitches.


A good influencer campaign should aim towards at least one of these three outcomes- inform, excite, and encourage.


3. Try out New Social Media Options

In constant competition with each other, social media platforms constantly improve their tools and features to connect and engage brands with their audience in a smooth and straightforward manner.


You can use filters, hashtags, polls and Q&A, live streams, and many other tools online to connect with your target audience.


Examples: Fashion and Lifestyle Brands Using Influencers

1. MAC Cosmetics

Many MAC’s Indian fans follow the brand on Instagram and post a lot of tutorials and informative content. 


With Instagram stories and live features, MAC Cosmetics India is making the most of them.


Aside from that, it works closely with its makeup artists to post tutorials and microblogs.


One of MAC’s makeup tutorials can be seen below. 


Mac Cosmetics Sangeeta Thakur - Fashion and Lifestyle Brands Using Influencers


Lifestyle Influencer – Sangeeta Thakur


2. Marks and Spencer

There is a strong Instagram presence for clothing retailer Marks and Spencer. They often collaborate with fashion influencers for brand promotion. 


M&S targets a young urban audience and publishes posts with fashion tips to keep them engaged.


M&S has collaborated with an influencer to create a fashion tip video shown below.


Mark and Spencers - Fashion and Lifestyle Brands Using Influencers


Fashion Influencer – Prabhat Chaudhary


Prabhat Chaudhary | Fashion and Lifestyle Brands Using Influencers


3. Daniel Wellington 

Daniel Wellington is an essential part of any discussion of influencer marketing in Fashion and Lifestyle brands. 


A Luxury watch brand implemented a comprehensive social media plan with the goal of spreading its brand name, and the brand name made its way quickly to Instagram.


Influencers of all tiers have been recruited by the brand so far, and the strategy is staying the same now. Every time a new collection is launched, or at the beginning of a sale season, the brand relies exclusively on influencer marketing.


The image below is an influencer post for Daniel Wellington’s sale offer.


Shenice Danielwellington | Fashion and Lifestyle Brands Using Influencers

Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer – Shenice Shrestha


List of Fashion and Lifestyle Influencers you can’t miss:

1. @masoomminawala

Masoom Minawala is a name that cannot be ignored when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. She is an Instagram sensation who has been consistently posting amazing content on Instagram.

Masoom Minawala | Fashion and Lifestyle Brands Using Influencer


2. @thatbohogirl

With 1.7 million followers, Kritika Khurana is also one of the most well-known fashion and lifestyle influencers. She also posts regularly about makeup, in addition to posting about the niches listed.


Kritika Khurana | thatbohogirl | Fashion and Lifestyle Brands Using Influencer


3. @theformaledit

Karon S Dhinggra posts articles about grooming, men’s clothing, and lifestyle. There are many eye-catching images on the influencer’s feed and insightful captions. He has a following of 627k on Instagram.


thefromaledit | Fashion and Lifestyle Brands Using Influencers



It is clear: luxury fashion brands are benefiting from the power of social influencers, and those who invest in influencer marketing and actively engage these creators go a long way to creating success. 


To learn more about how your brands can connect with influencers and expand their earned media footprints, contact us. 🙂